2 million nonprofits 6 million tax filings

Datasets customized to the needs of researchers, consultants, and nonprofit professionals.

You select from hundreds of variables from the suite of IRS Forms 990 and we will...

Apply simple data filters to select organizations that meet your criteria

Extract data from Forms 990 for charities and foundations, e-filed for 2010 – present

Provide the custom data files in .csv or .json format

The most data are available for organizations that file tax returns electronically, but some data (e.g., total assets, cause area, contact info) are available for organizations that paper-file tax returns.

Identify trends

We track hundreds of dimensions on tax-exempt organizations from 2010 to present. Our proprietary records linkage algorithm identifies amounts spent on individual people and programs over time – even if they are written differently on each tax return. These data can reveal trends in executive compensation, program expenses, program revenues, and more.

Our Process


Simplify structure

Our data scientists compare tax forms to bring together related variables.


Match across years

Our technology links records on individuals and programs, even if they are written slightly differently each year.


Derive new variables

We compute new variables to add to the dataset, e.g., fundraising efficiency.

Data sources include IRS Forms 990, 990-PF, 990-EZ, 990-N, Schedules, EO Business Master File, and National Center for Charitable Statistics.

Discounts are available for academic researchers and journalists.


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